eli james

Hi, I'm Cedric (or Eli).

I'm currently a Product Manager for Floating Cube Studios. Previously I did Novelr, Pandamian and the NUS Hackers. I'm based out of Singapore and Saigon.

I write an essay a week loosely centered around building a technology company in Asia.




People buy vinyl for the same reasons they travel to exotic new countries: to find atoms or time in a bit-rich world.

Phnom Penh for Two Days

Impressions from a cowboy town.

This Strange Thing Called Patriotism

How Malaysian must you be, before you consider leaving the country?

The Expat Horizon

The expat horizon is the time limit an expat can survive in a country alien to his or her own.

Principles for Technology Choice

I don't have a lot of time to code. Under my constraints, here are some personal principles for picking technologies.

Thinking about Careers

Some thoughts on careers, from a person at the start.


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