eli james


I Miss Judo

I’m a writer, programmer, and occasional designer. I’ve done a few things I’m happy about.

I started Novelr in 2006, a blog on digital publishing. In its 6 year run, Novelr has been quoted by The Guardian, Daring Fireball, Business Insider and TechMeme.

In 2010-2011 I co-founded and ran Pandamian, a digital publishing startup.

I spoke twice at Books in Browsers, a private conference for book technologists organized by the Internet Archive, in San Francisco. A transcript of the first talk may be found here; a video of the second is available on Youtube.

In late 2011 I contributed a chapter to Book: A Futurist’s Manifesto, a collection of essays on the future of publishing released by O’Reilly Media and Pressbooks in 2012. I’m rather happy with it: I consider it one of my better essays.

I try as much as possible to write open source software.

From mid-2010 - late-2012 I served as President of the NUS Hackers. I started Friday Hacks and ran the first Hack&Roll Hackathon. Most of my time during that period was spent growing the community of hackers and builders in NUS. This mostly meant setting up partnerships, organizing events, and writing software (or processes) to make the club more scalable.

In a previous life, I played Judo for my state (2008 National Championships; Sarawak SUKMA shadow team). I also debated in school. Both sports have shaped the way I see the world.

I like Python, green tea and cats. I think vanilla ice cream is better than chocolate ice cream, and I will fight you on that.

I’m always interested in meeting people who are building cool things. Email me at cedric at elijames.org