eli james


Jarvis »

A chat bot for Telegram, written in Go over 4 days. Currently able to: grab images and GIFs, perform Google searches, do exchange rate conversions, display PSI numbers in Singapore, and parrot stuff back at you.

Goblawg »

The blogging software this site runs on. Static site generator, written in Go, with an admin interface.

HN Confidence »

A scraper for Hacker News that checks the HN front page every 30 minutes and rearranges stories according to the Wilson Score Confidence Interval (with comments as downvotes). This is the primary interface with which I read HN today. (source code)

Singaporeans vs Malaysians »

A corpus linguistics project for figuring out the difference between Singaporean and Malaysian Twitter usage. (source code)

Antinews »

Hacker News without news. The value of submitted articles should not be affected by passing of time (i.e.: articles on optimizing Python are good; articles on Instagram's acquisition bad). (source code)

Orgtop »

Top for humans in organizations, built for the NUS Hackers during my term as president. Sends email once a week, prompting for a summary of activities, then emails a digest at the end of the day.


An unofficial API for the National University of Singapore's course registration system (CORS). Built in 5 days in 2012 to enable other students to build new projects on top of the data.

ePub Creator »

A Django app to generate ePub books from arbitrary models. Currently unmaintained.